High Security Ultrasonic Finger Scanner
The ultrasonic finger scanner is a high-resolution forgery-proof scanner with innovative new software, offering far more than comparable products, and opens up a wider array of application possibilities than the competition.

Ultrasonic Finger Scanner with Anti-Fraud Technology
The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is completely forgery-proof and can not be fooled by dummies; the innovative design of the device makes this possible. Our scanner analyzes the material on contact, immediately distinguishing between living and artificial objects. A finger can not be imitated by an artificial remake.

The concept design of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner makes it possible to distinguish between living and lifeless material. The material analysis upon contact is so detailed, the internal structure is perceived and interpreted, even the blood flow can be registered. The difference between living and dead organisms can always be determined through the collected scanner data. Even the thinnest layers of foreign fingerprints can be reliably detected.

The Technique behind the Ultrasonic Finger Scanner
One of the biggest advantages of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is the ability to function as a touch screen with integrated fingerprint recognition. The system itself therefore does not require any structure in the sensitive area of the screen. The ultrasonic transducers, needed for this function, are located on the edge of the unit, so the contact area does not have to be applied separately. It is simply part of the screen.

By utilizing the underlying data processing, specific sensitive detection areas can be created. This approach allows the use of very small screens as well as very large screens. This is made possible by the device’s fundamental operating principle. Contrary to other finger scanners, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner does not operates with pixels, but with directions (so-called. Spatial frequencies) so the electronics need not be altered when changing the size of the sensitive surface.

The High Resolution Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner
Currently with 1000 dpi resolution and a scanning area with 60 mm diameter, the ultrasonic finger scanner achieves far more than comparable products. Both resolution and scanning area can be further increased; a feature that classic optical products can not match.

In addition to the stationary prototype that was recently developed, the “Fingerprint Live Scanner” as well as other similar systems are in development, which can be used, for example, on smartphones and touchpads. Classic touchscreens, as we know them now, will soon be a thing of the past.