Some of our finished projects



Smartscan is a unique ultrasound signal processor that enables all possible measurements that can be done with an impulse ultrasound. When this ultrasound measurement technology is integrated within the control and looping functions, it makes the real-time collection of characteristics/data of the active substances in mixing, homogenizing, polymerization and fermentation possible thereby providing the desired conditions for modularized and flexible automation concepts.

High Security Ultrasonic Finger Scanner

The ultrasonic finger scanner is a high-resolution forgery-proof scanner with innovative new software, offering far more than comparable products, and opens up a wider array of application possibilities than the competition. Ultrasonic Finger Scanner with Anti-Fraud Technology The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is completely forgery-proof and can not be fooled by dummies; the innovative design of the device makes this possible. Our scanner analyzes the material on contact, immediately distinguishing between living and artificial objects. A finger can not be imitated by an artificial remake.

High Security Ultrasonic Finger Scanner

Silt Probe – High Resolution Sediment Profiler (HRSP)

Sediments beginning with a density of 1.2 g/cm³ are generally deemed a navigation hindrance and are therefore removed. In dredging territories that have a lot of silt accumulation, so-called nautical bottom cannot always be detected due to ‘fluid mud’ that is above the nautical bottom. Fluid mud is navigable for ships and because of this, must not be dredged. The HRSP can prove which of the dense horizons is appropriately measured and how much of the additional nautical depth contains fluid mud. As solid mud can become liquid via sediment conditioning, the sediment profiler can contribute to an effective monitoring of sediment conditioning methods, thereby allowing opportunity to examine successful/ unsuccessful practices.

Cheese Master

The inline ultrasound sensor documents all of milk’s changes that take place when liquid and solid cheese recipe ingredients are mixed and begin to take effect. The sensor recognizes, during the stirring process, when the substances are homogenously spread throughout and then it measures the consolidation of the curds, within the milk. This information allows one to determine when the most optimal times are to cut, depending on the cheese recipe. The changes within the curdwhey mixture are also measured in the manufacturing process. This allows for recognition of undesired air entries, which can occur via a high stirring speed or an unfavorable stirrer design. With this analytical, process-focused, diagnostic tool, all changes that take place within the milk are (in real-time) collected and analyzed so that the manufacturing process can be optimized and individually evaluated to establish the appropriate parameters, as deemed necessary. This measurement system does not need to be calibrated.

High Security Ultrasonic Finger Scanner

Sludge probe

With the ultrasound sensor, the density and concentration of sludge is measured in the piping in real-time. The measurement signals collect and visualize the amount of fine and coarse material so that the individual, solid substances that accumulate over time can be accounted for and balanced out in a selected time frame. Applications include, for example, taking flocculants and mixing them with fine material and to analyze the effectiveness of suction dredging. The person handling this dredge can be sure to avoid excess water, thereby maintaining a high dosage of sludge and recognizing when the sludge is fully extracted. The sensor is screwed in from the outside of the tube via an adapter, so that the measurement parameters can be set up and managed very easily and flexibly. Calibrating the sensor is not necessary

Temperature measurement with ultrasound

Ultrasound thermometers that are known for their precision, accuracy and stability can especially be used for such application, where classic thermometers cannot be used and/or when more precision and accuracy is desired.

Ultrasound vibrometer

This technology makes it possible to record/measure vibrations on any surface and, in comparison to laser vibrometry, it is very handy and cheap to build these devices. Additional advantages: This technology works with any surface and can also measure the amplitude of the vibration.

Ultrasound measuring device for determining the cavitation and intensity performance in liquids

Ultrasound generators designed to precisely influence procedural methods with the help of acoustic cavitation. Also broadband generators with an integrated analytical unit that measures the converter’s parameters when under stress (voltage, current and phase)

Detection systems for non-destructive analysis - including mechanical, controls and the accompanying software
  • Examination of the quality of the welding seams of welded gears
  • Examination of the quality of the welding seams for friction welded pipes (for shock absorbers)
  • Examination of metal pipes during and after the manufacturing process
  • Examination of plastic pipes during and after the manufacturing process (also for pipes with thin lining, which can be produced at high rates where not only the lining or thickness is examined, but also the possibility of any flaws)
  • Examination of the long, round internal openings in electro generators for cracks and flaws
  • Examination of pointed welding seams
  • Examination of soldered connections for heat regulators for automobile technology
  • Examination of molten turbine blades for airplane mechanics (layer thickness and flaws/quality assurance)
  • Examination of laser welding seams
  • Air-coupled ultrasound sensor for evaluating the coating on foils for flaws
  • Air-coupled ultrasound sensor for measuring the thickness of foils
  • Air-coupled ultrasound sensor for evaluating the delamination of cartons and corrugated cardboard (single and multi-wall corrugated board)
  • Air-coupled ultrasound sensor for determining the mechanical properties of sheet metal